On campus

You have a choice of several eateries on the campus. Here is a short information about kashrut, that is a Jewish law regulating how to eat. Most restaurants strive to be kosher and to smaller or larger extent obey the law. Vegetarian options are available in all of those, but quality may vary; vegetarians might prefer to try getting falafel outside of campus (see below; falafel and humus are normally vegan, unless one specifically orders a special dish with meat), the Karnaf cafeteria for salad and soup, the Aroma cafe, or getting a sandwich from one of the sandwich stands.

The main student cafeteria is located in the Student Center, that is in building 70 (see campus map). The halavi section offers toasts (7-10 NIS) and salads (10-20 NIS). In the larger basari section you can buy a lunch including shawarma, meurav yerushalmi, schnitzel, fish dishes, vegetarian dishes, pastas, humus, potatoes, french fries, salads etc. For a meal including fish or meat you will pay from 18 to 25 NIS. The restaurant is open from the morning until 16:00. The quality of the vegetarian option is questionable.

The adjacent faculty club is a similar option.


The popular Karnaf ("rhinoceros") cafeteria, located on the ground floor of building 28 (see campus map), serves salads (15-25 NIS), sandwiches(15-20 NIS), soups (8 NIS or 6 NIS after 16:00) and fruit shakes (12 NIS). It is open from the morning until approximately 19:00. The soups and salads are vegetarian (some with dairy, but normally there will be a good vegan option), and the sandwiches contain meat (and no dairy). It tends to have long lines around lunchtime.


There is a branch of the Aroma cafe chain, in building 74, on the west side of campus. In addition to coffee, one can get there sandwiches, salads, large breakfast plates etc.

A cafeteria offering Far East - styled dishes is located on the ground floor of building 32 (see campus map).

There is also McDonald's located in building 90 (see campus map), open from the morning until 19:00.


Apart from the above mentioned places, you can also find some smaller places serving coffee, pastries and sandwiches.


Close to campus

Just few meters out of the northern fence, on Ben Matatyahu street, there are a few small eateries, serving shwarma, falafel, humus, skewered meat, grilled chicken breasts, etc. Many locals perceive them as being of a higher quality than the cafeteria, at similar prices (and at the cost of an extra 5 minute walk). There is one batch of places, right outside the gate, and a second batch of three places (currently including a thai noodle bar, a hummus place and a "home-style" place, which serves mainly meat), another 50 meters or so down the street.


South from the University, on Arlozoroff street, next to Meonot/Zlotowski Dormitories (building C71-92, see campus map) is located Babaguette , a small resturant serving mostly meat dishes in baguettes. Prices up to 30 NIS. They close at 17:30.