Bring you own GSM phone from abroad. You will be able to join a prepaid service in Cellcom and Orange networks. Regardless of the network, a minute costs less than 1 NIS.

  • Cellcom - Talkman tariff. At the beginning, in order to initialize Cellcom service, you have to pay 50 NIS for a SIM card and buy minutes worth 100 NIS.
  • Pelephone - Izi tariff. Your phone from abroad will not work in Pelephone network. In order to join the network you have to buy a special Pelephone mobile phone. The prices starts from 180 NIS for a phone with charger and minutes worth 100 NIS. Notice, that
    • there is no SIM card slot in the phone, what implies that you will not be able to change the network,
    • the guarantee is rather short (3 months in the case of the cheapest model),
    • spare parts for Pelephone mobile phones are expensive (for example, 100 NIS for a charger).

At the first floor of the Kanyon you will find representatives of all above mentioned companies. If you increase your ballance with a card bought in a kiosk/shop, some companies charge extra money for "service" (e.g. you pay 60 NIS for a Talkman card, but your balance will be increased by 53 NIS).

It is also possible to add balance to your SIM card (most carriers) at the post office.