Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life (202-1-5171), Semester A, 2006/7

אלגוריתמים אבלוציוניים וחיים מלאכותיים

Lecturer: Prof. Moshe Sipper, Teaching Assistant: Yonatan Shichel

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המטריקס - בינתיים זה רק סרט
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Course Syllabus

bio-inspired computing, evolutionary algorithms, genetic algorithms, genetic programming, artificial life, cellular automata, cellular computing, self-replication, artificial neural networks.


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 1  Nov. 12 ohanaar, beckerli,   lisse, suissad,   nigri,   wolfsonk,ilankad,   zeharias,meltzerh
 2  Nov. 28 ronav,   aharob, blesser,   ohanaar, beckerli
 3  Dec. 17 liss, suissad,   beckerli, ohanaar,   meltzerh, zeharias
 4  Jan. 3 ilankad, wolfsonk,   amitbenb, merhavi
 5  Jan. 21 eliyahuu, kertis,   einavbit, jasminme,   liadi, mazory,   ronav
Final exercise grades

Date Topic Subtopic(s)
Tuesday, Oct. 24 Introduction to Bio-Inspired Computing and Artificial Life
Wednesday, Oct. 25 Genetic Algorithms Introduction
Tuesday, Oct. 31 Genetic Algorithms Holland's Schema Theorem, Exact Schema Theorem
Wednesday, Nov. 1 Genetic Algorithms 8 Queens, Genetic Operators, Evolution Strategies
Tuesday, Nov. 7 Genetic Algorithms Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP)
Wednesday, Nov. 8 Genetic Algorithms Fuzzy Systems, Evolution of Fuzzy Systems
Tuesday, Nov. 14 Genetic Algorithms Coevolution of Fuzzy Systems, Coevolving Sorting Networks
Wednesday, Nov. 15 Genetic Algorithms Coevolving Solutions to the SCS Problem
Tuesday, Nov. 21 Genetic Programming Introduction (also here and here)
Wednesday, Nov. 22 Genetic Programming Examples (here and here), ADFs   (Short notes on GP, ADFs and branch typing)
Tuesday, Nov. 28 Genetic Programming Varieties of GP, Architecture-Altering Operations
Wednesday, Nov. 29 Genetic Programming Attaining Human-Competitive Game-Playing with Genetic Programming
Tuesday, Dec. 5 Genetic Programming GP-Robocode, Excerpts from Koza's DVD
Wednesday, Dec. 6 Artificial Neural Networks Introduction + Supervised Learning -- Perceptrons
Tuesday, Dec. 12 Artificial Neural Networks Supervised Learning -- Backpropagation
Wednesday, Dec. 13 Artificial Neural Networks Unsupervised Learning -- Self-Organizing Feature Maps (also here and here)
Tuesday, Dec. 19 No class
Wednesday, Dec. 20 Artificial Neural Networks Evolving Artificial Neural Networks
  ------ " ------ Cellular Computing Cellular Automata (CA), Quasi-Uniform CA
Tuesday, Dec. 26 Cellular Computing Cellular Programming (also here) [Emergence of Cellular Computing (also here)]
Wednesday, Dec. 27 Cellular Computing Cellular Programming -- Coevolving Architectures for Cellular Machines
Tuesday, Jan. 2 No class
Wednesday, Jan. 3 No class
Tuesday, Jan. 9 Artificial Self-Replication (also this paper)
Wednesday, Jan. 10 Genetic Programming Finding a Common Motif of RNA Sequences using Genetic Programming: The GeRNAMo System (Shahar Michal)
Tuesday, Jan. 16 Artificial Life Introduction, Digital Universes, Lipidia (An Artificial Chemistry)
Wednesday, Jan. 17 Evolution (Dr. Ariel Novoplansky)

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