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Welcome to Introduction to Numerical Analysis homepage

No single book serves as a textbook for the course, but the students are encouraged to consult the following books as needed:

  • Numerical Methods Using MATLAB / John H. Mathews, Kurtis D. Fink
  • Numerical Methods for Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics / John H. Mathews
  • Numerical Analysis / Richard L. Burden and J. Douglas Faires
  • Applied Numerical Analysis / Curtis F. Gerald and Patrick O. Wheatley
  • Applied Numerical Analysis Using MATLAB / Laurene V. Fausett

    Homework Assignments

    Assignments will be both theoretical and practical. Submission is in pairs. The weight of homework assignments is 15%, and will be 'magen'.

    Submission is not obligatory, However: Non submission will account for the grade zero in the specific homework assignment.

    Please do not cheat!
    In the previous course some students broke the academic integrity rules in their assignments. They were punished by the university disciplinary board!

    Final Exam and Final Grade

    The final grade is calculated as follows:
    if (exam grade>55) then
    …. final grade = 0.85*(exam grade) + sum over i (0.03 * max(exam grade, assignment #i))
    …. final grade = exam grade

    Course Requirements

    In order to pass the course you must have an exam grade greater than 55.


    The Forum is designated for you to conduct discussions regarding the course material and assignments. Do not provide any hints or solutions to the assignments. Any non appropriate posts will be deleted and posters will be subjected to disciplinary actions.

    Students requests/problems

    Any request or problem you may have during the semester should be forwarded to