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  • The course staff does not provide help with these issues. Please refer to the computation center.

  • Submission System

    In order to log into the submission system you must be registered to the course. If you are not registered to the course yet (due to late registration, etc.) - please finish the registration and wait a few days to try again. If you are registered to the course - try to log in to your university e-mail account. If you succeed, and still can't log in to the system, please inform us via the student contact system.

  • Lecture material

    You are welcome to see your lecturer in his or her office hours.

  • Practical session material (תרגול)

    You are welcome to see your teaching assistant in his or her office hours.

  • Technical help with Java ("hands on")

    We do not provide support for installing Java on your personal computer. For other technical questions regarding assignments and course material please visit one of the tigbur sessionsl.

  • Homework assignments

    You may discuss with your classmates using the dedicated Forum.
    You may come to the office hours of the teaching staff responsible for the specific homework assignment.
    You may come to one of the tigbur sessions (but it might get crowded towards the deadline. Do not wait till the last minute.)
    The staff will look over the forum and sometimes answer questions.

    There will be no delays in assignment submissions for any reason. Please submit in time as much of the assignment as you can. For details on exemptions (army reserve, hospitalization), see the Syllabus page. If you have not been granted an exemption, please remember that we compute your assignment grade as the average of the best n-1 from the n assignments required to be submitted.

  • Personal Issues

    For any personal issues you may send a request via the student contact system, or visit the course coordinator's (Michal Shemesh) office hours.

  • The course Email

    All student requests should be sent via the student contact system. If you fail to login to this system you may report this to the course email: , which will remain active during the "change period" (תקופת השינויים) only.

    Please format your request as follows:

    Email Subject: cannot login to student request system

    Email Body:
    Full name: My Name
    ID number: 123456789
    Study program: יש לציין את מסלול הלימודים בו אתם לומדים
    BGU user name: username