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Although "MOED BET" is not planned to be harder than "MOED ALEPH", in general we recommend to students who have passed "MOED ALEPH" not to take "MOED BET".

The reason is that although it is possible to improve your grade, it is also possible to flunk if you are unlucky, and the damage is great:

1) If you flunk "MOED BET" after passing "MOED ALEPH" then you flunk the course, and there is nothing I can do for you in that case, you cannot undo the 2nd exam.

2) Flunking the course, even after passing "MOED ALEPH", means you need to take the course again and do everything again. This includes all labs and assignments in the version of the course you flunked. There were rumors circulated by students that the second time around you get exemptions from the labs, make no mistake: these rumors are false.

Note that it is not really too much effort for us to grade a few more multiple-choice exams.

The reason for this message is in order to minimize the number of truly sad stories of this type that happen every year!

published on 30/07/2017 15:06:17 by Eyal Shimony
Final grade policy
As per course rules in SPlab and Architecture+SPlab, all students who fail to obtain any one or more of the following conditions, automatically flunk the course:

  • An exam grade of 56 or higher.
  • A passing grade in at least 7 labs.
  • An average of 56 or higher in all 9 labs.

Nevertheless, we will allow additional cases to pass the course, under special conditions and with a different method of final grade computation, as follows:
  • With an exam grade of 54 or 55, we compute a final grade with lab and assignment grade weight HALF of the normal weight.
  • With an exam grade of 53, we do as in the previous case, and if the resulting average grade is 60 or more, the final course grade is 56.
  • With a passing grade in only 6 labs, we divide the lab grades by 2 in computing a final grade.
  • With a passing grade in only 5 labs, we consider all lab grades to be zero when computing a final grade.

Naturally, anyone falling under one of the above 4 cases who does not like the special way we compute the final grade should tell me ASAP and receive the default failing grade instead.
published on 11/07/2017 14:40:26 by Eyal Shimony
היום, יום חמישי, ליאת לא תקיים שעות קבלה
שלום לכולם, היום באופן חד פעמי לא אקיים שעות קבלה, ניתן לשלוח לי מייל. ליאת
published on 06/07/2017 09:02:07 by Liat Cohen
שעות קבלה
סטודנטים יקרים, שלום רב
מחר(חמישי 6.7) יתקיימו שעות קבלה מ-שעה 12 עד 2 בניין 37 חדר 504.

בברכה, אמיתי שאער

published on 02/07/2017 22:38:34 by Amitay Shaer
Office hours change
This week my office hours will held on Tuesday 12:00 - 14:00 .
published on 02/07/2017 16:03:02 by Tamir Grossinger
שעת בדיקה פרונטלית נוספת למי שלא נבדק באיזשהו תרגיל בית
ביום חמישי 6 ליולי בין השעות 9-10 תתקיים שעת בדיקה פרונטלית נוספת,
לכל מי שלא נבדק עדיין באחד מתרגילי בית (לא כולל תרגיל 4).
נא להרשם , זו ההזדמנות האחרונה והיחידה.

הרישום לבדיקה יופוע תחת לרגיל בית 3.

published on 30/06/2017 15:58:16 by Marina Kogan
Tomorrow's Completion labs
Tomorrow's (29/06) completion labs are meant for students who celebrate Eid-Al-Fiter, or students who are registered to one of the Wednesday labs.
Despite this fact, it seems that these labs are now full somehow.
If you registered to one of the Thursday labs and you do not belong to one of the groups above, you may not be accepted to the lab tomorrow if it's full.

To prevent your grade from being hurt by this, contact me/your TA today, and we'll see what can be done. If you don't, you will lose the chance to complete this lab.

published on 28/06/2017 08:31:33 by Lior Lotan
My reception hours will be held this week on Wednesday 12 o'clock instead of Tuesday 10:30
published on 27/06/2017 09:05:08 by Jumana Nassour-kassis
הוראות הגשה של עבודה 4
נא להגיש למערכת ההגשות
אפשרי בכתב יד
published on 26/06/2017 13:10:14 by Marina Kogan
Monday and Thursday morning lectures
As done last week, the morning lectures: Monday, June 26 and Thursday, June 29 (Mayer's lectures) start at 10:10, rather than 9:10.
published on 25/06/2017 19:07:02 by Eyal Shimony
Completion labs next week
The completion labs for next week are now published.
Note that there are extra slots on Thursday. These slots are prioritized for students registered to Wednesday labs and those who celebrate Eid-Al-Fitr.
If you don't belong to either of these groups, you should try and register to a completion lab on Monday or Tuesday.

Also, during setting up the sign up page, it was prematurely opened for students. Some of you signed up for some slots during the brief period in which it was open (kudos on the quick mouse work). Due to the way the Course-Wiki system is set up, these registrations were deleted. Those students should register again. Sorry.

published on 24/06/2017 19:39:59 by Lior Lotan
שעות קבלה של מרינה עד מועד א
שעות הקבלה שלי בשבוע הבא כרגיל,27 ליוני יום שלישי 14-16

שעות הקבלה שלי ביום שלישי 4 ליולי מבוטלות (לא אהיה בארץ), ובמקום זה אתן שעות קבלה של שלוש שעות יום לפני מועד א, 9 ליולי 12-15

published on 22/06/2017 12:21:20 by Marina Kogan
My office hours today are canceled
Due to a personal emergency I have to cancel my office hours today. I'll be available tomorrow in case anyone needs some help.
published on 21/06/2017 11:11:25 by Lior Lotan
Change in Office Hours
My (Yonatan) office hours this week will be held on Thursday at 14:00
published on 18/06/2017 18:36:12 by Yonatan Svirsky
Thursday morning lecture, June 22 (Mayer's lecture)
Since this is a short lecture (2 hours), we start at 10:10 rather than 9:10.
published on 21/06/2017 16:56:23 by Eyal Shimony
שעות קבלה - אור
אקיים שעות קבלה ביום חמישי בשעה 16 במקום ביום שני.
published on 18/06/2017 15:31:50 by Or Ami
Time slots for assignment 3 frontal check are published on the course site
register here

The frontal checks location is building 34 lab 316.
Please be prepared to answer questions on your code and design.
Please arrive to the lab at least 20 minutes before the check.

Students that will not come to the slot they have registered, will get 0.

published on 17/06/2017 20:00:35 by Marina Kogan
Assignment 4 is published
Good luck !
published on 13/06/2017 11:46:24 by Marina Kogan
Office hours
My office hours this week will be held Wed at 10:30 instead of Tue 10:30.


published on 13/06/2017 08:01:36 by Jumana Nassour-kassis
Assignment 3, final deadline.
In collaboration with your friendly student representative, the new and final deadline of assignment 3 is June 18.

As before, if you do not like the new deadline, the old deadline applies to you.

published on 08/06/2017 13:15:24 by Eyal Shimony
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