All imported products are expensive and it may be worthwhile to bring some them from abroad, in particular if you plan to limit your budget in Israel.

It is worth keeping in mind, however, that electricity in Israel is provided at 220V/50Hz, which is incompatible with American or Canadian equipment in general. An important exception refers to laptops, electric shavers and other portable equipment, which usually come with a universal voltage adaptor (but it is worth double checking). Plug adaptors for US/Canada and most European plug types are easy to find in Israel.

The following is an incomplete list of particulary expensive products:

  • electronics, in particular laptops, mp3 players, cameras, routers;
  • outdoor equipment, in particular sleeping bags, tents, backpacks;
  • clothes and shoes, unless you plan to buy them on sales only (note: sandals are reasonably priced in Israel);
  • modern bicycles and cycling equipment,
  • books in English, mathematical or otherwise;
  • cosmetics, for example sunscreen lotion.

There is a nice webpage in Hebrew (click here) comparing prices in Israel. You find there offers from various shops in Israel, as well as user opinions. As an example, click here to see prices of routers and click here to see prices of Lenovo laptops in Israel.

Food as a rule is relatively cheap, in particular fruits and vegetables, but ordinary yellow cheese (45 NIS/kg) as well as feta-related white cheese (35 NIS/kg or more), granola (30-40 NIS/kg), coffee for espresso (at least 70 NIS/kg), all sorts of tea (10 NIS and more for 25 tea-bags), seems to be quite expensive.