If you are planning a recreational overnight visit to Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv, you may consider hostels offering sleeping places on the roofs. In a case of rain you can evacuate to a dormitory. Prices are very competitive and range between 25 and 50 NIS. On the roofs there are mattresses and blankets, no beds. Choice of hostels below is pretty random. The photos shows what you see from the roof or from a window.

  • Jerusalem. Petra hostel in the Old City, next to Jaffa Gate, Omer Ibn al-Khattab Square, phone (+9722) 6286618.





  • Tel-Aviv. Old Jaffa Hostel in Jaffo established by a Romanian-Jewish family, 8 Olei Zion, phone (+9723) 6822370.



  • Bat Yam. In this Tel-Aviv southern suburb you can stay on a beach in your tent. On a weekend there will be many other people doing the same.