Next to the campus there is a Sport Center (building SC60, see campus map, one enters the center via a small building labeled "Sports Center", see photo below). There you can go to the gym, swim, play basketball, attend capoeira classes and more. The swimming pool has very flexible hours:
  • Sun 10:00-24:00,
  • Mon, Tue 06:00-24:00,
  • Wed, Thu 06:00-23:00,
  • Fri 06:00-18:00,
  • Sat 08:00-19:00.
There are certain hours reserved only for women (Mon, Wed 21:00-23:00) and only for men (Tue, Thu 22:00-23:00).

Using the swimming pool

You have to arrange a Student Card. To use the swiming pool you will need Student Card also with a membership in Students Association. Members of your family could buy a one year subscription directly from the Manager of the Swimming Pool. The subscription costs approximately 1200NIS/year. Manager's office is located within the fence of the Sports Center, but it has an independent entrance via a small gate. The small gate is located somewhere in the middle of the fence between buildings SC60 and the main entrance to the Sports Center (see campus map).

Using the gym

The official procedure for gaining access to the gym is a little more complicated. To get a membership, you will still need a Student Card (from the student associate union), but also a note from a doctor, certifying that you are fit enough to use the gym. If you've opted for the health insurance offered by the university, then you can obtain such a note at a small clinic located at 63 Wingate St. (near the intersection with Yitzhack Rager, across the street from Soroka Medical Center) free of charge. Once you've done that, take the note to the Sports Center manager's office, where you can have your Student Card programmed to allow access to the gym. You'll need to pay around 360 NIS for the year, and the manager will keep the doctor's note.

As with the pool, somewhere along the line you might be told that you'll need to join Student Association in order to use the gym. However, if you do wish to join the association, then you can get a small discount on the gym membership (from the accounting office, located on entrance floor of the Student Center – building 70).