Movie Theaters in and near Be'er Sheva

There are three commercial movie theaters in the area. Two multiplexes: Rav-Hen, located in the Negev shopping mall ("Kanyon HaNegev") and Globus, located in Aviyah Shopping mall ("Kanyon Aviyah"), both in Be'er Sheva, and Lev theater, located in the nearby suburb of Omer, which is a smaller single-screen movie theater. Globus doesn't offer a very good viewing experience - the equipment is older, the sound isn't great, and the whole place looks like it is overdue for renovation, but it is acceptable.

Lev offers 6-movie and 10-movie subscription cards at a significant discount.

Except for children's movies, movies in Israel are not dubbed into Hebrew. Children's movies will often come in two versions – one dubbed and one with the original soundtrack and subtitles. Movies in English will have Hebrew subtitles. Movies in Hebrew often have English subtitles and movies in other languages often have English subtitles as well as Hebrew ones (but you might want to call ahead and ask, just in case).

Here you can find a list of movies playing this week in the commercial movie theaters in Be'er Sheva and Omer, including the English names of the movies, but unfortunately the list is not broken down by cinema (the links lead to more elaborate Hebrew descriptions).

In addition to the commercial movie theaters, there is also a student-run movie theater on campus.

For a much wider selection, you can always consider an outing to Tel Aviv.