Mathematical library is located at the third floor of Aranne library (building 22, see campus map). It is open Sun-Thu 8:30-19:45, Fri 8:30-12:45. Library close earlier during the summer break. You can find a reasonable assortment of journals, some of them avaliable only as e-journals (for example Topology and its Applications) and some other avaliable only in paper version (for example Acta Mathematica). E-journals are accessible also from your office. Paper journals cannot be taken outside of building 22, but there are xerox machines avaliable for a reasonable charge at the ground floor of the library. A student card allows you to borrow as many books as you wish, but you must sign up for library privileges during your first time using the card (this is a relatively painless process).

You can check availability of books and journals via electronic catalogue. If you cannot find a given item locally, you can order articles and books from within Israel using inter-library loan system. It is not expensive and if you arrange a loan via your scientific advisor, the cost could be covered from so called budget money (not from your pocket). Books and journals obtained via inter-library loans cannot be taken outside of the building 22.

The library offers a selection of English and American contemporary prose (second floor), as well as a wide collection of works of Hebrew and Yiddish writers, also in translations.