University affiliates can attend Hebrew classes, organized by a university unit called "Ivrit le Olim" (Hebrew for new immigrants). Courses are offered for several different levels, depending on the number of interested students. There is usually enough demand for courses of level aleph (beginner's level, including learning the alephbeth) and beth.

A course costs 500 NIS per semester for a postdoc and 1000 NIS for others. It consists of 26 meetings, each of them 180 minutes long.

For further details, contact Salit, the secretary of "Ivrit le Olim" by or telephone (+9728) 646-1427.

Ulpan (level aleph), classes with Hana.



2017 updated information

The Overseas Student Program (OSP) offers an intensive ulpan course at several levels during the OSP semester. The prices are as follows: 4 week program, for BGU students or employees: 900 dollars 6 week program, for BGU students or employees: 1350 dollars

The university also offers Hebrew courses during the semester. They are held three days a week – Mon-Wed, 8:30-10:00. The cost of the course is 594 dollars. Beginners level is not offered during the semesters. You will need to take the placement exam to see if your level fits the levels offered.

There are also courses offered by the Beer-Sheva Municipal Absorption Department. These are designed for new immigrants to Beer-Sheva (olim) and you will have to pay somewhat more to enroll in them.

Learning Hebrew online

There are some interesting on-line Hebrew resources, in particular an English-Hebrew-English dictionary which is available free of charge, as well as a Hebrew dictionary avaliable for subscribers (28 USD/year, foreign cards are accepted).

As of summer 2016, there are several free language resources on the internet. Hebrew for English speakers is available on Duolingo. The course is designed to be taken in conjunction with the corresponding course on Memrise.