There is a travel agency on the campus, just next to the McDonald and building 90 (see campus map). You can book and buy there air tickets, arrange a visa or buy a package holiday. It is open Sun-Thu 9:00-18:00, Fr 9:00-13:00. Not all employees are equally competent. You may consult with your scientific advisor with whom you should deal there.

The travel agents sometimes fail to find by themselves flights which you can easily find by yourself on an airline's website, or on standard travel websites (such as and instead only offer a flight which is more expensive and/or has worse connections. Strangely though, if you come to them with a specific itinerary you found online, they can sometimes find you a better price on that itinerary (even if they didn't find it at all earlier). Thus, to save time, it is a good idea to check a few options online before going there, and come prepared with some potential itineraries for them to check.