• Maps
    • hiking maps - scale 1cm=500m, in Hebrew "mapot simun shvilim". They are avaliable in larger bookshops, in particular in Steimatzky and Dyonun (selection is worse in Dyonun). Israel is covered by 20 maps, each of them costs approximatelly 95 NIS. Beer-Sheva and its neighborhood is on map no. 13. The maps are edited by the The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. The maps and the website are in Hebrew only.
    • There is an internet map quite useful for planning a trip. The website is in Hebrew only.

  • Trails
    • Shvil Israel, a long distance trail from South to North of Israel.
    • variety of shorter trails in the Negev. Most of them will require some travelling by public transportation or car.

  • Equipment
    • Ricochette , an outdoor shop located inside of Big shopping center (see shopping section for more details about Big).


  • Camping