List of seminars in mathematics at the Einstein Institute (Hebrew University in Jerusalem):

  • Logic Seminar takes places on Wednesday or Thursday. It is attended by Edi Hrushovskii and Saharon Shelah. A weekly schedule is distributed by Itay Kaplan,
  • Set Theory Seminar takes place approximatelly every second Friday. It is attended by Uri Abraham, Motti Gitik and Menachem Magidor. A bi-weekly schedule is distributed by Uri Abraham,

The buildings of the Einstein Institute are located at Givat Ram campus. The campus is located in the walking distance of 25 minutes from the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem. There are Egged buses (446, 470) connecting Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. Depending on the traffic, the travel takes from 90 to 150 minutes one way. A return ticket costs approximately 55 NIS.


The entrance to the Einstein Institute


Givat Ram campus.

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