• Computers in the offices. Most offices for postdocs are equipped with modern computers which boot both to Linux and Windows. The computers are suitable for word processing and web browsing. As a rule you cannot install a new software, but you can ask for it the administrators, who are usually avaliable Sun-Thu 10-16 in room 009, building 37 (see campus map). There are also few Apple iMac G4.

    Beware, you may be out of luck and get some older machine booting only to Linux. These computers are terribly slow and unreliable and as a result you may be forced to use your laptop or meddle with system configuration. If neither of these options sounds acceptable for you, contact in advance your scientific advisor and make him aware that you need a work place with a reasonable computer.

  • Notebooks. In room 009, building 37 (see campus map) you can register your laptop. After the registration you will be able to connect to internet via an ethernet cable. There is no wireless network in the building.

  • E-mail account and passwords to Linux and Windows. You arrange it with help of secretary Ruti Peled. The procedure takes few days. If the passwords do not work, go to room 009, building 37 (see campus map).