Vassilii Khachaturov at the BGU CS department

M.Sc. Thesis

Optimal back-to-front airplane boarding
The problem of finding an optimal back-to-front airplane boarding policy is explored, using the mathematical model introduced by Bachmat et al. A combined analytical and numerical solution is presented for the number of passenger groups m=2. For a larger m, a similarly constructed recursive computation yielding an optimal policy is described. Applying it numerically, optimal policies for m=3,4 are found; modern transport aircraft design renders further increase of m impractical.


FORTH stack optimization
An exhaustive searcher for the best source-level optimization of stack manipulation sequences encountered in an input FORTH code snippet. Can be used as a learning aid to study the basic stack accessor words in FORTH. Written in Java. (Undergraduate project, based on my joint final work with Ram Janovski for the Functional Programming 2004 course).
Comparing dbparser and MINIPAR
Two probabilistic parsers, dbparser and MINIPAR, are evaluated on a subset of the WSJ corpus from the Penn Treebank according to the tree accuracy criterion. The sentences selected were the most difficult ones in the corpus, according to three empirically chosen criteria --- parse tree width, height, and the top-level verb ambiguity. The two parsers perform similarly on the first two groups, while on the third one dbparser is significantly better. Further possible comparison directions are then outlined. (Final work in the Topics in natural language processing 2005 course).