xgestures is a gesture recognition program for X11 desktops. One may use it to perform various operations like minimizing and killing windows, executing custom commands, etc. Once you get comfortable with xgestures, you will never want to give it up. I dont...

By clicking a mouse button (while possibly pressing a modifier) and performing a movement sequence (composed of Up, Down, Left and Right) you can perform various actions around your desktop. Currently, the following actions are supported:

  1. minimize - minimize the window on which the gesture started.
  2. exit - exit the xgesture program.
  3. execute - execute an arbitrary command
  4. kill - kill the window on which the gesture started.
  5. display_gests - display the currently configured gestures.
  6. reconf - reread the configuration file
  7. lower - lower the current window
  8. raise - raise the current window
  9. maximize - maximize the current window
  10. root_send - send a key press to the X server. multiple modifiers can be specified. keysyms are according to X11/keysymdef.h (without the "XK_" prefix). to send a capital "a", add a rule like: LD root_send Shift_L+A


You can get the source from sourceforge

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