Topics in Bio-Inspired Computing (202-1-4791) [mini-projects]

נושאים בחישוב מונחה טבע

Semester A, 2004-2005

Lecturer: Prof. Moshe Sipper

1. Projects must be submitted one week after the end of the semester: Friday, January 21, 2005
2. No Extensions! (other than miluim/EXTENDED illness)
3. You must decide upon a topic until November 14, otherwise 5 points will be taken off

המטריקס - בינתיים זה רק סרט
לך אל הנמלה, חוקר

Project Assignment

Evolving Cellz Controllers: If the link to the Cell Developer Kit doesn't work click here.

Course Description

Manadatory Reading

General Reference

Administrative Details

Final Report (please read this carefully!)

(Evolving) List of Projects:

  1. Implement and compare a number of genetic-algorithm variations for solving instances of TSP (traveling salesman problem) from TSPLIB.
  2. Solving the HP Protein Folding Problem using evolutionary algorithms. See the following papers: Unger, Liang.
  3. 3-D cellular automata.
  4. Coevolving building blocks and solutions.
  5. Adaptive Environmentics.
  6. Learning DFA from Noisy Samples.
  7. Evolving Cellz Controllers.
  8. Extending Self-Organizing Particle Systems to Problem Solving.
  9. Evolving L-Systems.
  10. Gene Expression Programming, a linear-genome version of Genetic Programming.

Last updated: November 16, 2004