Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life (202-1-5171)

אלגוריתמים אבלוציוניים וחיים מלאכותיים

Semester B, 2009-2010

Lecturer: Prof. Moshe Sipper

Teaching Assistant: Or Caspi

Important Dates

  • April 25, 14-16, 32/206: Midterm 1
  • June 13, 14-16, 90/137+8: Midterm 2
  • June 16, 10-12: Homework presentations

June 29: Final grades will be handed in soon.
   They were computed according to the formula: 0.29*m1+0.29*m2+0.07*h1+0.07*h2+0.07*h3+0.07*h4+0.07*h5+0.07*h6+bonus,
       where mi = midterm i, hi = homework assignment i (h6 = presentation).
   Some of you received a bonus based on overall homework quality.
June 27: Assignment 5 grades.
June 25: Assignment 4 grades.
June 17: If you believe you received a low grade on the midterm unjustly, you may, as usual, submit an appeal, in which case I will check the entire exam again.
June 16: Presentation grades (assignment 6) are here
   As you can see, the presentations were OK (+ I was quite generous..)
   Some of you got a slightly lower grade due to slides or talk flow
June 9: Midterm 2 material includes everything you saw in class and in the homework assignments.
June 2: Assignment 5 deadline extended to June 7 (midnight).
May 22: Grades of assignment 3 published.
May 16: I've made assignment 5 available earlier due to requests (deadline: June 6)
May 2: Grades of assignment 2 published. Please read the general notes.
May 2: Assignment 4 is online (deadline: May 23)
April 27: Assignment 3 deadline extended to May 4. Assignment 4 will be published on May 2, the original deadline.
April 25: Assignment 3 hints published
April 11: Assignment 3 is online (deadline: May 2)
April 2: Added hints to assignment 2 (you are not required to use them)
March 26: Grades of assignment 1 published. Please read the general notes and consider them before submitting the subsequent assignments.
March 24: Added bonus options to assignment 2
March 24: Homework presentations will take place on Wednesday, June 16, 10:00
March 24: Midterm 2 will take place on Sunday, June 13, 14:00
March 21: Midterm 1 will take place on Sunday, April 25, 14:00
March 21: Assignment 2 updated (you now have 2 options for q. 4)
March 21: Assignment 2 is online (deadline: April 11)
March 18: General Instructions amended. In particular, note that Scheme and C will not be accepted as of assignment 2.
March 2: Assignment 1 is online (deadline: March 21)
March 1: Beginning of Semester B

Course Syllabus

bio-inspired computing, evolutionary algorithms, genetic algorithms, genetic programming, artificial life, cellular automata, cellular computing, self-replication, artificial neural networks.

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Ex   Due   Grades   Hall of Fame  
 1  March 21       question 2: Mati Bot, Shimi Azrad,   question 3: Yael Zartizky, Grisha Klots
 2  April 11       q1: Ron Ben Yosef, Yoni Alaluf,   q2: Tomer Heber, Gennady Archangorodsky,   q3: Mati Bot, Shimi Azrad,   q5: Tomer Heber, Gennady Archangorodsky
 3  May 2       q1: Rotem Yotshak, Amitai Sindney,   q2: Tomer Heber, Gennady Archangorodsky,   q3: Mati Bot, Shimi Azrad, Oren Ben Haim,   q4: Tomer Heber, Gennady Archangorodsky
 4  May 23  
 5  June 6  

Topic    Link(s)
Intro. Evolutionary Computation     Introduction.ppt
Evolutionary Algorithms     What_is_an_EA.ppt
Genetic Algorithms     Genetic_Algorithms.ppt
Local Search Algorithms     Local Search Algorithms.ppt
Evolution Strategies     Evolution_strategies.ppt
How to Work with EAs     Working_with_EAs.ppt
Parameter Control     Parameter_control.ppt
GA Theory     Theory.ppt, Holland's Schema Theorem, Exact Schema Theorem
Intro. Genetic Programming     Genetic_programming.ppt, gecco2003tutorial.pdf, c2003lecture1modified.ppt, burke2003tutorial.pdf
GP Examples     Evolution of Emergent Cooperative Behavior, Genetic_programming.ppt
Bloat, Some GP Theory     Poli's GECCO tutorial (see Field Guide, Ch. 11)
Advanced GP     ADFs, Varieties of GP, Architecture-Altering Operations
Excerpts from Koza's DVD    
Coevolving Solutions to the SCS Problem     ecal-puzzle.ppt
Coevolving Sorting Networks     lec13.ppt, [on competitive coevolution: tutorial.floreano.ppt]
Adversarial Search     Game Playing: Adversarial Search
Evolving Game-Playing Strategies     Attaining Human-Competitive Game-Playing with Genetic Programming, GP-Robocode, GP-Rush & GP-FreeCell, GP-RARS
Fuzzy Systems     fuzzy_lecon1_part2.pdf, (ynet link on fuzzy systems)
(Co)Evolving Fuzzy Systems     lecon2.pdf
Multimodal Problems and Spatial Distribution     Multi.ppt
Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms     Memetic_Algorithms.ppt, memetic agorithms (natalio's slides)
Artificial Neural Networks     Perceptrons & Backpropagation, Self-Organizing Feature Maps (also here and here), Evolving Artificial Neural Networks
Evolving Efficient List Search Algorithms     sublinear-gpea.ppt
Flight of the FINCH through the Java Wilderness     gptp-pr.pdf
Evolving Boundary Detectors     BoundaryDetection.pdf