Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life (202-1-5171)

אלגוריתמים אבלוציוניים וחיים מלאכותיים

Semester B, 2008-2009

Lecturer: Prof. Moshe Sipper

Teaching Assistant: Kfir Wolfson

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Apr. 16: Beginning of Semester B.

Course Syllabus

bio-inspired computing, evolutionary algorithms, genetic algorithms, genetic programming, artificial life, cellular automata, cellular computing, self-replication, artificial neural networks.

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Ex   Due   Grades   Hall of Fame  
 1  May 3       Jonathan Bord, Elad Iwanir,   Carmel Karni, Tal Ron
 2  May 24       Ronit Grinzaig, Roee Ben-Halevi,   Tomer Shiri, Or Caspi
 3  Jun 16       Itamar Azoulai, Nathan Grunzwieg,   Tomer Shiri, Or Caspi,   Jonathan Bord, Elad Iwanir
 4  Jul 5       Carmel Karni, Tal RonRonit Grinzaig, Roee Ben-Halevi,   Eduard Kogan, Yoav Shichel
 5  Jul 19       Carmel Karni, Tal Ron

final assignment average

Topic    Link(s)
Intro. Evolutionary Computation     Introduction.ppt
Evolutionary Algorithms     What_is_an_EA.ppt
Genetic Algorithms     Genetic_Algorithms.ppt
Evolution Strategies     Evolution_strategies.ppt
How to Work with EAs     Working_with_EAs.ppt
Parameter Control     Parameter_control.ppt
GA Theory     Theory.ppt, Holland's Schema Theorem, Exact Schema Theorem
Intro. Genetic Programming     Genetic_programming.ppt, gecco2003tutorial.pdf, c2003lecture1modified.ppt, burke2003tutorial.pdf
GP Examples     Evolution of Emergent Cooperative Behavior, Genetic_programming.ppt
Bloat, Some GP Theory     Poli's GECCO tutorial (see Field Guide, Ch. 11)
Advanced GP     ADFs, Varieties of GP, Architecture-Altering Operations
Excerpts from Koza's DVD    
Coevolving Solutions to the SCS Problem     ecal-puzzle.ppt
Coevolving Sorting Networks     lec13.ppt, [on competitive coevolution: tutorial.floreano.ppt]
Adversarial Search     Game Playing: Adversarial Search
Evolving Game-Playing Strategies     Attaining Human-Competitive Game-Playing with Genetic Programming, GP-Robocode, GP-RARS
Fuzzy Systems     fuzzy_lecon1_part2.pdf, (ynet link on fuzzy systems)
(Co)Evolving Fuzzy Systems     lecon2.pdf
Multimodal Problems and Spatial Distribution     Multi.ppt
Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms     Memetic_Algorithms.ppt
Artificial Neural Networks     Perceptrons & Backpropagation, Self-Organizing Feature Maps (also here and here), Evolving Artificial Neural Networks
Evolving Efficient List Search Algorithms     evo-search.ppt
Evolving Boundary Detectors     BoundaryDetection.pdf

Special Talks by Prof. Natalio Krasnogor
Topic    Link(s)
June 24: An Evolutionary Algorithms Approach to Guide the Evolution of Self-Organised Nano-structured Systems     natalio's slides
June 30: Evolutionary design of the energy function for protein structure prediction     natalio's slides
July 1: Memetic Algorithms     natalio's slides