Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life (202-1-5171)

אלגוריתמים אבלוציוניים וחיים מלאכותיים

Semester A, 2004-2005

Lecturer: Prof. Moshe Sipper

Teaching Assistant: Ami Hauptman

המטריקס - בינתיים זה רק סרט
לך אל הנמלה, חוקר

Course Syllabus

bio-inspired computing, evolutionary algorithms, genetic algorithms, genetic programming, artificial life, cellular automata, cellular computing, self-replication, artificial neural networks.


Administrative Details

Submission as web page -- send the URL by email to Ami Hauptman
Ex Due Grades Hall of Fame
 1  Wednesday, Nov. 3 Shai Sharabi & Ran Naot
 2  Sunday, Nov. 21 Roee Zahor & Itai Barami, Noam Taich
 3  Wednesday, Dec. 8 Itsik Katsav & Zohar Lerman
 4  Sunday, Dec. 26 Shai Sharabi & Ran Naot, Nir Feldman & Na'ama Ben-Aroya
 5  Wednesday, Jan. 12 Shai Sharabi & Ran Naot

(Evolving) Schedule
Date Topic Subtopic(s)
Sunday, Oct. 17 Introduction to Bio-Inspired Computing and Artificial Life
Wednesday, Oct. 20 Genetic Algorithms Introduction
Sunday, Oct. 24 Genetic Algorithms Holland's Schema Theorem, Exact Schema Theorem (Slides from Riccardo Poli)
Wednesday, Oct. 27 Genetic Algorithms 8 Queens, Genetic Operators, Evolution Strategies
Sunday, Oct. 31 Genetic Algorithms Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP)
Wednesday, Nov. 3 Genetic Algorithms Evolution of Fuzzy Systems
Sunday, Nov. 7 Genetic Algorithms Coevolution of Fuzzy Systems, Coevolving Sorting Networks
Wednesday, Nov. 10 Genetic Algorithms Coevolving Solutions to the SCS Problem
Sunday, Nov. 14 Genetic Programming Introduction (also here and here)
Wednesday, Nov. 17 Genetic Programming Examples (here and here), ADFs   (Short notes on GP, ADFs and branch typing)
Sunday, Nov. 21 Genetic Programming Varieties of GP, Architecture-Altering Operations
Wednesday, Nov. 24 Genetic Programming GP-Robocode, Excerpts from Koza's DVD
Sunday, Nov. 28 Artificial Neural Networks Introduction + Supervised Learning -- Perceptrons
Wednesday, Dec. 1 Artificial Neural Networks Supervised Learning -- Backpropagation
Sunday, Dec. 5 Artificial Neural Networks Unsupervised Learning -- Self-Organizing Feature Maps (also here and here)
Wednesday, Dec. 8 Artificial Neural Networks Evolving Artificial Neural Networks
  Cellular Computing Cellular Automata (CA), Quasi-Uniform CA
Sunday, Dec. 12 Hanukkah Vacation  
Wednesday, Dec. 15 Cellular Computing Introduction (also here)
Sunday, Dec. 19 Evolution (Dr. Ariel Novoplansky)
Wednesday, Dec. 22 Cellular Computing Cellular Programming (also here)
Sunday, Dec. 26 Molecular Biology (Dr. Chen Keasar)
Wednesday, Dec. 29 Cellular Computing Cellular Programming -- Coevolving Architectures for Cellular Machines
Sunday, Jan. 2 Artificial Self-Replication (also this paper)
Wednesday, Jan. 5 Artificial Life Introduction
Sunday, Jan. 9 GP & Games: Chess (Ami Hauptman)
Wednesday, Jan. 12 GA & Games: GO ANNs (Ami Hauptman)

Last updated: February 1, 2005