Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life (202-1-5171)

Semester A, 2003-2004

Lecturer: Prof. Moshe Sipper

Teaching Assistant: Mr. Barak Naveh

Last updated: February 5, 2004

Course Syllabus

bio-inspired computing, evolutionary algorithms, genetic algorithms, genetic programming, artificial life, cellular automata, cellular computing, self-replication, artificial neural networks.


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Exercise Due Grades Hall of Fame
 1  Sunday, Nov. 16 Yair Field & Uri Lowicz
 2  Wednesday, Dec. 3 Yair Field & Uri Lowicz, Eran Ziserman & Yonatan Shichel
 3  Sunday, Dec. 21 Yair Field & Uri Lowicz, Eran Ziserman & Yonatan Shichel
 4  Sunday, Jan. 4 Yair Field & Uri Lowicz, Yonatan Shichel
 5  Sunday, Jan. 18 Yair Field & Uri Lowicz, Eran Ziserman & Yonatan Shichel, Ella Minchikowsky


Date Topic Subtopic(s)
Sunday, Oct. 26, 14-16 Class cancelled (due to students' strike)
Tuesday, Oct. 28, 10-12 Introduction to Bio-Inspired Computing and Artificial Life
Sunday, Nov. 2, 14-16 Genetic Algorithms Introduction
Tuesday, Nov. 4, 10-12 Genetic Algorithms Schema Theorem
Sunday, Nov. 9, 14-16 Genetic Algorithms Advanced Operators
Tuesday, Nov. 11, 10-12 Genetic Algorithms Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP)
Sunday, Nov. 16, 14-16 Genetic Algorithms Evolution of Fuzzy Systems
Tuesday, Nov. 18, 10-12 Genetic Algorithms Coevolution of Fuzzy Systems, Coevolving Sorting Networks
Sunday, Nov. 23, 14-16 Genetic Programming Introduction (also here, here, and here)
Tuesday, Nov. 25, 10-12 Molecular Biology (Dr. Chen Keasar)
Sunday, Nov. 30, 14-16 Genetic Programming Examples (here and here), ADFs   (Short notes on GP, ADFs and branch typing)
Tuesday, Dec. 2, 10-12 Genetic Programming ADFs, Varieties of GP
Sunday, Dec. 7, 14-16 Artificial Neural Networks Introduction + Supervised Learning -- Perceptrons (Introductory paper on neural networks)
Tuesday, Dec. 9, 10-12 Artificial Neural Networks Supervised Learning -- Backpropagation
Sunday, Dec. 14, 14-16 Evolution (Dr. Ariel Novoplansky)
Tuesday, Dec. 16, 10-12 Genetic Algorithms Coevolving Solutions to the SCS Problem (Mr. Assaf Zaritsky)
Sunday, Dec. 21, 14-16 Hanukkah Vacation  
Tuesday, Dec. 23, 10-12 Artificial Neural Networks Unsupervised Learning -- Self-Organizing Feature Maps (also here and here)
Sunday, Dec. 28, 14-16 Artificial Neural Networks Evolving Artificial Neural Networks
  Cellular Computing Cellular Automata
Tuesday, Dec. 30, 10-12 Cellular Computing Introduction (also here)
Sunday, Jan. 4, 14-16 Cellular Computing Cellular Programming (also here)
Tuesday, Jan. 6, 10-12 Cellular Computing Cellular Programming -- Coevolving Architectures for Cellular Machines
Sunday, Jan. 11, 14-16 Artificial Self-Replication (also this paper)
Tuesday, Jan. 13, 10-12 Artificial Life Introduction
Sunday, Jan. 18, 14-16 Artificial Life GARD & Origin of Life, also here (Mr. Barak Naveh)
Tuesday, Jan. 20, 10-12 Artificial Life Digital Universes -- Tierra, Avida (Mr. Barak Naveh)