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Evolutionary Computation   אלגוריתמים אבלוציוניים

202-2-5651, Semester Beit, 2013-2014

Lecturer: Professor Moshe Sipper



  1. Yuri Shafet, EvoMCTS: Enhancing MCTS-Based Players through Genetic Programming
  2. Michael Schneider, UAV Intelligent Path Planning for Wilderness Search and Rescue
  3. Aviad Hadad, Scaling Genetic Algorithms Using MapReduce
  4. Noa Levy, Guarding Against Premature Convergence while Accelerating Evolutionary Search
  5. Aviel Hershkovitz, Generating War Game Strategies Using A Genetic Algorithm
  6. Alexander Thereshchuk, Evolving artificial neural networks
  7. Lior Landesman, On The Evolution of Corewar Warriors
  8. Tomer Shahar, Using Genetic Algorithms to Evolve Character Behaviors in Modern Video Games
  9. Lior Orenbach, Evolving Pac-Man Players: Can We Learn from Raw Input?
  10. Avi Levin, Multiagent Learning through Neuroevolution
  11. Snir Elkaras, Using genetic algorithms to optimise current and future health planning - the example of ambulance locations
  12. Ran Kopelman, A replica exchange Monte Carlo algorithm for protein folding in the HP model
  13. Samanta Hourmann, An Improved Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm with Population Adaptation
  14. Avi Itzhakov, Using Symmetry and Evolutionary Search to Minimize Sorting Networks
  15. Itay Azaria, GP-Gammon: Genetically programming backgammon player
  16. Shira Aviv, pEvoSAT: A Novel Permutation Based Genetic Algorithm for Solving the Boolean Satisfiability Problem
  17. Nir Hadassi, Evolving Computer Opponents to Play a Game of Poker
  18. Roei Lichter, Genetic Programming Produced Competitive Soccer Softbot Teams for RoboCup97
  19. Yarden Peleg, Genetic Programming in the Wild: Evolving Unrestricted Bytecode
  20. Oron Ashual, An Investigation into Tournament Poker Strategy using Evolutionary Algorithms
  21. Yuval Zilbershtein, A self-learning evolutionary chess program
  22. Pavel Vaks, A Simple Genetic Algorithm for Music Generation by means of Algorithmic Information Theory
  23. Yogev Levy, Evolutionary approaches to the generation of optimal error correcting codes
  24. Nimrod Milo, GAME: detecting cis-regulatory elements using a genetic algorithm
  25. Ben Laor, how effective are multiple populations in genetic programming


  1. Yuri Shafet, Tomer Shahar, Leonid Orenbach: Nonograms
  2. Michael Schneider: Improving upon "UAV Intelligent Path Planning for Wilderness Search and Rescue"
  3. Nimrod Milo: Incorporating Genetic programming into mining RNA structural motifs
  4. Noa Levy, Yarden Peleg: 2048 game
  5. Pavel Vaks: Optimizing Blackjack strategy by a Genetic Algorithm
  6. Ben Laor, Itay Azaria: Image classification using EC
  7. Avi Levin, Aviad Hadad: Fighting Game AI Competition
  8. Ran Kopelman, Lior Landsman: Geometric spanners
  9. Alexander Thereshchuk, Yogev Levy: Wind Farm Layout Optimization Competition
  10. Nir Hadassi, Roei Lichter: 15-puzzle
  11. Avi Itzhakov, Shira Aviv: Tetravex puzzle
  12. Aviel Hershkovitz, Snir Elkaras, Samanta Hourmann: Generating war game strategies using a genetic algorithm
  13. Yuval Zilbershtein, Oron Ashual: Warlight AI Challenge

Administrative Details


  1. Introduction to Evolutionary Computation
  2. What is an Evolutionary Algorithm?
  3. Genetic Algorithms
  4. GA Theory: Theory, Holland's Schema Theorem, Exact Schema Theorem
  5. Local Search Algorithms
  6. Working with Evolutionary Algorithms
  7. Introduction to Genetic Programming: What is GP? (Koza's vid), GP (Koza), GP (Eiben & Smith), GP Tutorial (Koza), GP Tutorial (Koza & Poli)
  8. Evolution of Emergent Cooperative Behavior
  9. Koza's vids
  10. GP Theory: Poli's Tutorial (see Field Guide, Ch. 11)
  11. Game Playing: Adversarial Search
  12. Evolving Game-Playing Strategies: Attaining Human-Competitive Game-Playing with GP, GP-Robocode, GP-Rush & GP-FreeCell, GP-RARS
  1. Darwinian Software Engineering
  2. Varieties of GP
  3. Architecture-Altering Operations
  4. Coevolving Sorting Networks
  5. Competitive Coevolution
  6. Coevolving Solutions to the SCS Problem
  7. Parameter Control
  8. Evolution Strategies