Topics in Bio-Inspired Computing    נושאים בחישוב מונחה טבע

202-1-4791, Semester Alef, 2013-2014 (מיני פרויקט)

Lecturer: Prof. Moshe Sipper

1. You MUST attend the first class.
2. You MUST submit your project (i.e., report) by the end of the semester: 17.1.2014.
3. NO EXTENSIONS except extensive miluim.
4. You can only work in groups of 2 or 3. It is NOT permitted to work alone.
5. Your project must be approved by Professor Sipper.
6. Each group will present their project proposal during class on 20.11.2013 (Wednesday, 10-12). Failure to attend & present for reasons other than those listed here on page 3, clause 7.2, will result in a reduction of 30 points from the final grade.
7. Failure to form a group and define a project by 27.11.2013 will result in a final grade of ZERO.
8. Grade: 30% is based on the proposal presentation, 70% is based on a combination of the project's quality and the final report's quality.

Project Assignment

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Ilan Kadar's short manual on Android app development

Final Report (please read this carefully!)