Topics in Bio-Inspired Computing    נושאים בחישוב מונחה טבע

202-1-4791, Semester A, 2011-2012 (מיני פרויקט)

Lecturer: Prof. Moshe Sipper

1. Projects must be submitted by end of semester: January 27, 2011
2. No Extensions! (other than extended miluim)
3. You must decide upon a topic until November 27, otherwise 10 points will be taken off
4. Your project must be approved by Prof. Sipper


  1. My presentation
  2. Amit's presentation

Project Assignment

Course Description

Mandatory Reading

  1. Evolutionary Algorithms
  2. Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms and Programming

(Optional: הרצאת מבוא של גיא כתבי , בוגר הקורס "אלגוריתמים אבולוציוניים וחיים מלאכותיים", 2006 )




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Final Report (please read this carefully!)