Topics in Bio-Inspired Computing    נושאים בחישוב מונחה טבע

202-1-4791, Semester A, 2010-2011 (מיני פרויקט)

Lecturer: Prof. Moshe Sipper

1. Projects must be submitted by end of semester: January 7, 2011
2. No Extensions! (other than extended miluim)
3. You must decide upon a topic until November 7, otherwise 10 points will be taken off

Project Assignment

  1. Omri Hadur, Artyom Shein (supervised by Amit): Network puzzle
  2. Roie Golan, Shuki Zorano (supervised by Amit): Nonogram
  3. Reut Schwartz, Nir Pluderman: bloxorz
  4. Tal Zilcer, Barry Rubinstein: Rubik's cube
  5. Mattan Margalith, Gilad Ivry, Niv Saar: Crossword Puzzle Construction
  6. Yehonatan Cohen, Itay Ostrov, Yarden Eitan: Nurikabe
  7. Danni Friedland, Tamir Gilad, Maor Shmueli: Generalized Peg Solitaire
  8. Roman Kniazev, Ori Panush: enDice
  9. Aya Elhanan, Avinoam Levi: Lights Out

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Course Description

Mandatory Reading

  1. Evolutionary Algorithms
  2. Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms and Programming

(Optional: הרצאת מבוא של גיא כתבי , בוגר הקורס "אלגוריתמים אבולוציוניים וחיים מלאכותיים", 2006 )




Administrative Details

Final Report (please read this carefully!)


(Note: The project must be approved by Prof. Sipper)
  1. Projects offered by Amit Benbassat.
  2. Select a nontrivial game or puzzle and design and implement an evolutionary algorithm to evolve a strategy/solution for the chosen game/puzzle. There are various puzzle sites on the net you can search, such as addictinggames, freeonlinegames. You might also find an interesting game at Toys R Us or deep in your old closet...
  3. Select an interesting, hard problem and design and implement an evolutionary algorithm to solve it (or instances of it).