Advanced Topics in Evolutionary Algorithms   נושאים מתקדמים באלגוריתמים אבולוציוניים

202-2-5101, Semester Beit, 2012-2013

Lecturer: Prof. Moshe Sipper

Administrative Details:

  • Web:
  • Open to graduate students (and good undergrads with special permission, סטודנטים לתואר ראשון באישור מרצה בלבד)
  • Credits: 2
  • Time & Place: Wednesday 12-14, 34/107
  • Grade: Every student must give a 45-50 minute talk (alone) on a research topic, and do a small project.
  • 5-point bonus for those presenting 2nd week, and 3-point bonus for those presenting 3rd week.
  • Attendance in meetings is mandatory. Two students will talk each week, hence number of meetings equals number of students / 2 (rounded up). After meetings are over students will continue work on their small project.
Introductory Material: Bibliography:



Amit Benbassat, Idan Himlich (5-point bonus)
Elina Weinbrand, Shani Fedida (3-point bonus)
Tamir Grossinger, Neta-Li Roverman
Ben Shalom