Advanced Topics in Evolutionary Algorithms (202-2-5101)

נושאים מתקדמים באלגוריתמים אבולוציוניים

Semester B, 2009-2010

Lecturer: Prof. Moshe Sipper

Course Description

The course will focus on the Simulated Car Racing Competition.
Each student will present one of the TORCS papers and also do a project based on the game engine.

We will tackle the Car Setup Optimisation Competition.

Anyone interested can contact me before the semester begins, and choose a topic for his/her talk.
There's a 5-point bonus for 2nd-week slot (March 10), and a 3-point bonus for 3rd week (March 17).

Administrative Details

Introductory Material

Popular Press




Unassigned TORCS Papers


moshe sipper introduction
mati bot TORCS: The Open Racing Car Simulator [presentation]
mati bot The WCCI 2008 Simulated Car Racing Competition, CIG08
shimi azrad Evolving Driving Controllers Using Genetic Programming, CIG09 [presentation]
evgenia dubrovsky Evolving a Rule System Controller for Automatic Driving in a Car Racing Competition, CIG08 [presentation]
amir patoka Generating Diverse Opponents with Multiobjective Evolution, CIG08 [presentation]
dan shmidt Optimized Sensory-motor Couplings plus Strategy Extensions for the TORCS Car Racing Challenge, CIG09 [presentation]
Itay Bittan Controller for TORCS created by imitation, CIG09 [presentation]
galina volkinsahtein A Modular Parametric Architecture for the TORCS Racing Engine, CIG09 [presentation]
Valery Frolov Learning Drivers for TORCS Through Imitation Using Supervised Methods, CIG09 [presentation]
progress report
[yom hastudent]
final presentations Dan & Itay, Evgenia & Galina , Mati & Shimi, Amir, Valery