About Myself

I'm currently studying for a Master's degree in Medical Science (MMedSc) at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, after finishing my Bachelor's degree in both computer science and chemistry last year.
My thesis advisors are Esti Yeger-Lotem and Michal Ziv-Ukelson.
I also work part time for a web development company called Faze - Customized Web Solutions.
My hobbies include diving, hiking, board games and playing music (guitar, bass, flute & drums).
I also used to write the cryptic crossword puzzle for the students' union magazine.

Contact Me

Office: Building 51, room 225
Email: shovalt@bgu.ac.il
Facebook: fb.com/shoval
Esti's lab website
Michal's lab website


Basha, Omer, Shoval Tirman, Amir Eluk, and Esti Yeger-Lotem. "ResponseNet2. 0: revealing signaling and regulatory pathways connecting your proteins and genes—now with human data." Nucleic acids research 41, no. W1 (2013): W198-W203.

Cryptic Crosswords

The following are crossword puzzles (in Hebrew) that appeared in Ben Hashurot magazine during the academic year of 2013.

  1. Puzzle | Solution
  2. Puzzle | Solution
  3. Puzzle | Solution
  4. Puzzle | Solution
  5. Puzzle | Solution
  6. Puzzle | Solution
  7. Puzzle | Solution
  8. Puzzle | Solution
  9. Puzzle | Solution
  10. Puzzle | Solution
  11. Puzzle | Solution
  12. Puzzle | Solution