ROBOTICS 2001-2002

Introduction to Robotics

Computer Science Department

Description of the course

Robotics is an advanced course in artificial intelligence, that aims at design and implementation of agents that interact with the (physical) real world. Elements from planning are integrated with sensing the real world and employing physical effectors, such as stepper motors driving wheels for locomotion. Any task to be handled becomes a true challenge - uncertainty must be handled in both observation and action, all in real time. Requiring realistic tasks, such as delivery robot, soccer-playing robot, exploration vehicle, etc. add to the above requirements for intelligence that complicate the above issues.

In this course, we will study basic aspects of real-time planning and control, sensors, and effectors. Theoretical material will be supplemented by exercises with a robot team simulator, namely the soccer and/or the rescue simulator league of ROBOCUP. Each team of students will design, construct, and program a soccer simulation team that will participate in a classroom competition.

Administrative details and online material

  1. Course Reference: Robotics (202-25161) - Spring 2001-2002
  2. Credits: 4.5 (for 4 lecture hours, nominally 1 exercise session, but actually two RBL hours bi-weekly)
  3. Second mid-term exam: Thursday, June 20, 12:00-14:00. Building 72, room 487.
  4. Class hours and location
    1. Sunday 12-14, building 34, room 103.
    2. Thursday 12-14, building 28, room 304.
    3. Lab: Tuesday 8-10, Building 58 (Math. Building) Room (218) (Robotics Lab)
  5. Instructor: Dr. Shimony
  6. Teaching/lab assistant: Ami Berler
  7. Syllabus and detailed description

Online material

  • First theoretical exercise (chapters 1-5). Answers.
  • Second theoretical exercise (chapters 6-9). Answers.
  • Partial solution to 1999 midterm exam.
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