Graphical System Implementation Issues - 1998

BGU Math & Computer Science Department

Description of the course

This course is one of the mini-project courses, of which 2 are required to meet the undergraduate project requirement. The goal here is to gain hands-on experience in implementing a complete graphics tool for an application domain, using techniques learned in the computer graphics course. Thus, you will be implementing an interactive 3D graphics-based system. The project as a whole will be partitioned into modules communicating through a well-defined interface. Each module will be implemented by a group of 2-3 students.

The challenge this time is to implement a preliminary version of a visualization tool for (quasi)-crystal research. Given an n-dimensional grid, project it into 3D along a (user provided) n-dimensional vector, and display the result. User-specified determination of the sections of the (potentially infinite) grid to display will be supported.

Class hours are intended for initial material and problem domain presentation, as well as design and design review (first 3 weeks), mid-project progress and pre-integration tests (2 weeks in the middle of the semester), and final integration and delivery (last 2 weeks of the semester). Other weeks will have no official class hours, but are allocated for close supervision of the course instructor, of the programs under developement.

Administrative Details and Online Material

  1. Course Reference: (201-12431) - Spring 1998
  2. Credits: 2 (for participation + 100-120 work-hour project)
  3. Instructor: Dr. Eyal Shimony
  4. Online material and project definitions

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