This page contains rules for taking this course, a supplement to the syllabus. Still under construction, and not complete until this is removed, Students are responsible for following every rule herein, especially the ones pertaining to academic honesty, for which we have a separate document.

  1. This course requires attendance at all lectures and active particpation in all labs. This includes students not yet registered to the course who may register later on.
  2. You must attend only the lab group to which you are registered. The only exceptions to that are students still not yet registered to the course at the beginning of the semester, and rare special cases explained below.
  3. In lectures, it is recommended that you attend the lecture group to which you are registered, though this will not be enforced unless the above causes congestion.
  4. Note that there are labs almost every week, while lectures are intermittent. There is a lecture on week 1 of the semester, and labs start on week 2. The course MOODLE page contains the exact plan.
  5. There will be a final exam at the end of the semester. As stated in the course syllabus, to pass the course you must obtain at least a passing grade in the final exam (56), as well as a passing grade in at least 7 labs, and an overall passing lab grade average (with labs you did not attend counting as a grade of 0).

If you cannot attend a lab for valid reasons (topmost being army service), you must notify the course staff as soon as you become aware of such an issue. Minor cases (such as army or documented illness lasting 1 or 2 days) may be handled by lab switching and TAs. Major issues will be handled by the course coordinator.

Rules on  lab participation are also essential to understand, and are in a separate document.