Topics in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics - 2001

Robot Building Lab and Competition

BGU Computer Science Department

Description of the course

This course is one of the mini-project courses, of which 2 are required to meet the undergraduate project requirement. The goal here is to gain hands-on experience in designing, constructing, and programming robots. The project involves quite a bit of real-time programming issues, as well as interface to sensors and actuators. The course is heavily based on the MIT's Autonomous Robot Design Competition.

Students participating in the course will be working in groups of 4 people, where each group will design, construct, and program a robot using the LEGO-based robot kit. Groups will then compete in the robot competition near the end of the semester.

Administrative Details and Online Material

  1. Course reference: 202-14261, web page
  2. Credits: 2 (for participation + 125-150 work-hour project)
  3. Instructor: Dr. Eyal Shimony
  4. Lab assistant: Mr. Ami Berler
  5. Class hours: Thursday 14-16.
  6. Location:
    1. Week 1 (March 8): no class (Purim).
    2. Weeks 2-3: (Math-CS building - board-room, room 201).
    3. Weeks 4-14: at the "robotics" lab (Math-CS building, room 218).
  7. Relevant books: Robot kit manual. Artificial intelligence literature, e.g. Russel and Norvig, Introduction to AI.
  8. Requirements: attendance of initial session, participation in all events. Timely submission of reports and partial products.

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