Introduction to Artificial Inteligence - Spring 2001

BGU Computer Science Department

Description of the course

Artificial intelligence (AI) has recently regained the limelight, as the human world chess champion was beaten by Deep Blue, a program written by a team of researchers and programmers from IBM. True AI applications are also on the rise, from expert systems for diagnosys and advice, through increasingly intelligent robots, to intelligent and autonomous www agents.

This course deals with the issues of defining intelligence and rationality in an agent, various methods of formalizing them, and models for representing and using knowledge. In specific topics, mainly search and logical reasoning, the course will focus all the way down to the algorithm level, in order to provide some hands-on experience with programming artificially intelligent agents.

  1. Course Reference: Artificial Intelligence (202-15151) - Spring 2001
  2. Credits: 4
  3. Instructor: Dr. Solomon Eyal Shimony
  4. Grader: Mr. Ami Berler (e-mail: )
  5. Course scheduled at:
  6. Syllabus and requirements
  7. First Mid-term exam: May 3, 2001, 12-13, building 32, room 306. Exam solutions.
  8. Second Mid-term exam June 14, 2001, 12-14, building 90, rooms 322, 323.
  9. Example quiz and Answers
  10. Lecture topics and notes
  11. Assignments - 2001:
  12. Assignment grades.

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