Grades published
I put the checked ex4 in building 37 on the floor level.
published on 28/01/2016 16:56:47 by Ofer Neiman
extension for ex4 -- you may submit until Tuesday 26/1 at 13:00 (to my box)
published on 19/01/2016 13:48:31 by Ofer Neiman
extension for ex3 -- you may submit until Monday (to my box)
published on 28/12/2015 08:08:39 by Ofer Neiman
Hints for ex3
In question 2b, find a cut obtained by removing a single edge from the tree.

In question 4, you need to show that the minimum is attained at phi, that there exists x for which any c will give a value at most phi, and one such c gives exactly phi – think of indicator vector. Then show that for any given vector x (non-constant), you can find c for which the expression is at least phi – for this try c so that the middle entry of the shifted x is zero, then use the counting in parts technique shown in class.

published on 24/12/2015 16:17:29 by Ofer Neiman
משקפי שמש נשכחו אצלי במשרד בשעת קבלה
published on 02/12/2015 08:25:17 by Ofer Neiman