Roi Gamliel

Current Position: Scientific Programmer, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.
Check out my blog. If you are here looking for the detailed description of our surfae patch library, you probably wanted to go here.

Research Interest

My research interest is the 3D structure of proteins, especially the surface of proteins. My work characterizes protein surfaces using the notion of surface patches, which are small fractions of the surface of proteins. I define a heuristic distance measure between surface patches which is used to cluster the patches from a large set of non redundant proteins. The resulting set of cluster centers (centroids) provides representative surface patch structures and constitutes a surface patch library. Detailed information can be downloaded here, or a "short" slideshow here.


  • Technical Report can be found here.

  • BMC Structural Biology, 2011 A library of protein surface patches discriminates between native structures and decoys generated by structure prediction servers.

  • Safed Bimolecular Modeling and Simulations Research Workshop, 2009, Poster Session A New Library of Surface Patches - Design and Applications

  • 12th Israeli Bioinformatics Symposium, Weizmann Institute of Science, 2009, Poster Session A New Library of Surface Patches - Design and Applications

  • Education

    2004-2007 B.Sc. Computer Science and Bioinformatics

    2007-2009 M.Sc. Computer Science and Bioinformatics. With Distinction.


  • TA System Programming: spl081; spl091; splaf093.

  • Grader Bioinformatics Theory and Applications: tabio082; tabio092.

  • TA Data Structure: Sapir College

  • Contact Info


    Room 109 (Building 37)
    Ben Gurion University
    P.O.B 653
    Beer-Sheva 84105