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Moed B grades
You can find the final course grades following Moed B here.
published on 13/08/2012 12:34:48 by OS team
Grade updates
A list of updated final (course) grades is now available here. These include updates due to midterms/assignment grade changes and updates following your appeals (the response to your appeals was already handed out and should hopefully arrive within a few hours). Please note that changes to your final mark on the "תדפיס ציונים" will be visible within 2-3 weeks.
published on 25/07/2012 11:21:15 by OS team
Moed A solution
Is now published in the previous exams section
published on 24/07/2012 21:09:34 by OS Team
Dolev's office hours
Will be held tomorrow (25.7.12) from 14:00 to 16:00.
published on 24/07/2012 21:07:58 by Dolev Pomeranz
Danny Hendler's office hours will take place on Wednesday, July 25, between 15:00-17:00
published on 23/07/2012 22:49:35 by os122
Moed A
We've uploaded the Moed A exam to the Previous exams section. A full solution will be published in the upcoming days.
published on 19/07/2012 22:46:03 by OS team
Midterm appeals
I was notified that the midterm grade used for calculating the final mark did not take into consideration students appeals. I will fix this mistake promptly, however, this will reflect on your grades only in 2-3 weeks.
published on 18/07/2012 12:04:36 by Alon
Course grades
We've uploaded Moed A grades along with a complete listing of all grades and your final mark. (Details)
published on 18/07/2012 11:51:23 by OS team
Assignment 3 and 4 grades
Grades for assignments 3 and 4 are now available here.
published on 12/07/2012 15:49:49 by OS Team
Last Time Slots
More time slots for assignments 3 and 4 were published.

These are the last time slots so if you haven't signed up for one yet, you must sign up now.

published on 04/07/2012 16:00:33 by OS Team
Time Slots
There was a problem with the first time slots (Wednesday morning: 9:30-13). Everyone that is registered for the check during that time please make sure you're still registered, and in the correct time slot.
published on 02/07/2012 08:18:35 by OS Team
Alon's office hours
I intend to hold prolonged office hours on Wed. and Thu. (based on my availability). If you have questions and would like to come to my office please send me an email.
Good luck with your exams!
published on 01/07/2012 20:42:31 by Alon
Additional time slots
4 more time slots were added on the day of the exam - as was requested by some of you.

More time slots will be added only if all of the time slots published so far are taken.

published on 01/07/2012 00:12:51 by OS Team
Dolev's office hours during exams period
Have changed to Wednesday 16:00 - 18:00. Please send an email if you intend to come.
published on 30/06/2012 18:52:06 by Dolev Pomeranz
Assignment 3 & 4 time slots
Time slots are now available. Please read the instructions very carefully before choosing a time slot.

Good luck!

published on 29/06/2012 20:17:42 by OS Team
Distributed Synchronization
You can find a few more slides on Distributed Synchronization here. Be sure to check the bottom part of the slideshow in normal (editing) mode for a few extra comments.
published on 25/06/2012 11:31:54 by OS team
Practical sessions
Practical session 13 is the last one. Ilya and Alon will hold no PS this week.
published on 24/06/2012 21:56:18 by OS Team
Ilya's office hours this week are canceled
E-mail me to schedule for other time.
published on 23/06/2012 19:46:35 by Ilya Mirsky
Danny Hendler's lectures on next week's Monday, June 25, are cancelled.

As per my announcement at class, my lectures on Monday, June 25, are canceled.


published on 19/06/2012 15:31:41 by os122
File systems comparison slides
were added to Practical sessions page.
published on 17/06/2012 10:46:50 by Ilya Mirsky
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