Last update: Aug 16, 2020

For prospective students looking for an MSc or a PhD advisor:

  • I'm not considering prospective students outside BGU CS. Unless you are either 1) already a BGU CS grad student or 2) planning to start your graduate degree at BGU CS (regardless which university/department you graduated from), I can't be your advisor.
  • Students interested in working with me should have:
    • good mathematical background (especially in probability, statistics and linear algebra);
    • already done some official coursework in computer vision and/or machine learning. Particularly, I will usually prefer students who have taken one of my elective classes.
  • Before contacting me, please read at least one of my recent papers. This will help you get an idea about the kind of research I have done lately.
  • If you check the boxes above, please email me and attach your CV (in English) and your academic grade record (in either English or Hebrew). Please also tell me: 1) what research areas you are interested; 2) when you would like to start your MSc/PhD; 3) if you are interested in being an "internal" or "external" student.