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Our spinoff for the "50,0000$ camera you already own without knowing it". Get meterial sensing, low light photography, and hyperspectral reconstruction for hardly any cost or even on your very existing smartphone caemra. This spinoff later turned Voyague 81.
Need architectural or interior design? I shamefully do some public relation for my wife, Galit. Best one in the region!!
Mishmar Hanegev Academy is an educational project I started in my home Kibbutz (Mishmar Hanegev). Constructed like a tiny university, community 'professors' teach community 'students' various courses.
Looking for my best projects? They are right here in our (now old) photo album!! It is not updated for years now, and represents only one of our 3 kids (Shir, Eden and Or), but it also includes photos from our trips across north America.
Based on a research by my uncles, this initial tree traces one part of our family some 6 generations back around the middle east. The info here contains mostly names and will make sense to family members only. If you are not, you probably have no reason to use this link...
Following the original roots work on one of my grandfathers side of the family, I later constructed a much more extended family tree in My Heritage to cover about a dozen of generations of various branches of the family.
In acient times (mid 90's), as a MSc student, I studied manipultion planning for robots that can only push. While several publications are listed in my publication page , most demo animations were lost, to be found only 25 years later thanks to the Internet archive.
In prehestoric time (early 80s), I was fortunate enough to own a VIC20 as a 13YO boy. Those 3.5KB could do miracles, and I was self educating myself into the world of programming. What do you know, I even created and sold games to Commodore itself. Here is one of them ... Parachute. Many thanks to Highretrogamelord who posted it on YouTube
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