FineStr 1.0 - the window to the fine structure of chromatin, single-base-resolution nucleosome mapping server

Our server allows one to submit a genomic sequence and to detect positions (centers) of the nucleosomes in it. The analysis is performed using our probe? based on the DNA bendability matrix of C. elegans (Gabdank et al., 2009). The probe size is 117 bases (116 dinucleotides) that corresponds to the size of DNA-histone contact area (Gabdank et al., submitted).
Although the probe is based on C. elegans matrix of bendability, our latest data (Trifonov, 2010, in press) along with the physics of DNA bending (Trifonov, 2009) suggest the universality of the pattern?.

You can either use copy/paste to input the sequence(s)? into the text box below or upload a file? containing the sequences.

For any assistance please contact Idan Gabdank at