Run-time integrity checking of OCL


Mira Balaban,  Gil Kaspi.


This work includes theoretical analysis of the essential properties of a Runtime Integrity Cheking Service (RICS), and describes an integrity checking procedure for OCL invariants on UML class diagrams, that is COMPLETE, CONTEXT BASED and has an improved FOCUSED character. The FOCUS amount depends on the quality of an auxiliary procedure for deriving auxiliary focused invariants. This procedure is implemented as a RICS on top of the EMF – uses the tools for Class Diagram to Java transformation and for OCL evaluation, and uses the tool of Cabot and Teniente for analysis of the correlation between OCL class invariants and runtime events, and for deriving focused invariants.

Additional Information:

Integrity Checking Properties

RICS Method Explained


Here are links to RICS demo notes, demo application and source.