A Declarative Encoding of Telecommunications Feature Subscription in SAT

Michael Codish, Samir Genaim and Peter Stuckey   

Proceedings of the 11th International ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming (PPDP 2009); 2009


This paper describes the encoding of a telecommunications feature subscription configuration problem to propositional logic and its solution using a state-of-the-art Boolean satisfaction solver. The transformation of a problem instance to a corresponding propositional formula in conjunctive normal form is obtained in a declarative style. An experimental evaluation indicates that our encoding is considerably faster than previous approaches based on the use of Boolean satisfaction solvers. The key to obtaining such a fast solver is the careful design of the Boolean representation and of the basic operations in the encoding. The choice of a declarative programming style makes the use of complex circuit designs relatively easy to incorporate into the encoder and to fine tune the application.

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Michael Codish
The Department of Computer Science
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
PoB 653, Beer-Sheva, 84105, Israel

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