Optimal Base Encodings for Pseudo-Boolean Constraints

Michael Codish, Yoav Fekete, Carsten Fuhs and Peter Schneider-Kamp   

Proceedings of TACAS 2011; 2011


This paper formalizes the "optimal base problem", presents an algorithm to solve it, and describes its application to the encoding of Pseudo-Boolean constraints to SAT. We demonstrate the impact of integrating our algorithm within the Pseudo-Boolean constraint solver MiniSAT+. Experimentation indicates that our algorithm scales to consider bases involving numbers up to 1,000,000, improving on the restriction in MiniSAT+ to prime numbers up to 17. We show that, while for many examples primes up to 17 do suffice, encoding with respect to arbitrary bases improves the subsequent SAT solving time considerably.

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Michael Codish
The Department of Computer Science
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
PoB 653, Beer-Sheva, 84105, Israel

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