Former Students David (M.Sc.)

``Realistic Input Models for Geometric Algorithms: Guarding Scenes against Invasive Hypercubes'',
April 2000. Ben-Moshe (M.Sc.)

``Computing the L_1 Diameter of a Set of Points in the Presence of Rectangular Obstacles and Related Problems'',
September 2000. Ben-Ner (M.Sc., co-advisor Klara Kedem)

``Methods for Quantitative Analysis of the Spatial Structure of Dendrites'',
June 2001. Carmi (M.Sc.)

``Minimizing the Convex Hull via Local Transfers'',
September 2001. Nir (M.Sc.)

``Orthogonal Segment Stabbing'',
November 2003. Roisman (M.Sc.)

``On Guarding Rectilinear Domains'',
November 2006. Sityon (M.Sc.)

``Finding Large Objects Inside Simple Polygons'',
November 2006. Krakovski (M.Sc.)

``Guarding Rectangular Partitions'',
January 2007. Zaslavsky (M.Sc.)

``Distance Preserving Terrain Simplification – An Experimental Study'',
December 2007. Abu-Affash (M.Sc.)

``Improved Bounds on the Average Distance to the Fermat-Weber Center of a Convex Object'',
November 2008. Aschner (M.Sc.)

``The Minimum Spanning Tree of Symmetric Disk Graphs is Light '',
December 2010. Trabelsi (M.Sc.)


``Bottleneck Non-Crossing Matching in the Plane’’,

October 2012. Friedman (M.Sc., co-advisor Paz Carmi)


`` Simulating GNSS-Signals in Urban Canyons’’,

January 2013. Simakov (M.Sc.)


``Tracking Paths’’,

September 2016. Neeman (M.Sc., co-advisor Paz Carmi)


``Gap-Separable Discrete Unit Disk Cover’’,

July 2017. Bar-On (M.Sc.)


``Resolving SINR Queries in a Dynamic Setting’’,

December 2018. Fraenkel-Saban (M.Sc.)


``Improved PTASs for Convex Barrier Coverage’’,

March 2019. Ben-Moshe (Ph.D.)

``Geometric Facility Location Optimization'',
September 2004. Carmi (Ph.D.)

``Approximation Algorithms for Geometric Problems in Wireless Communication Networks'',
February 2006. Krakovski (Ph.D.)


 ``Polychromatic Coloring and Topological Minors’’,

September 2010. Morgenstern (Ph.D.)


``Covering Geometric Domains’’,

March 2011. Abu-Affash (Ph.D.)


``Geometric Bottleneck Problems’’,

October 2013. Aschner (Ph.D.)


``Geometric Algorithms for Networks with Directional Antennas’’,

October 2014.


Current Students Filtser (Ph.D., combined track) Ashur (M.Sc.) Sulami (M.Sc.)