A Selection of Recent Student Projects

 Shai Melamed (96-97)
A piercing algorithm for "fat" objects

 Dan Bahar and Shay Druckmann (96-97)
A data structure for point enclosure queries among convex "fat" objects

 Boaz Ben-Moshe and Liat Hod (96-97)
A graphical tool for planning dirt work

 Shy Perlstain and Yaron Benita (97-98)
de Berg's binary space partition for "fat" objects

 Tomer Eden and Opher Rozenbaum (97-98)
Constructing virtual worlds

 Yoav Einy and Sigalit Yatzkan (97-98)
Probabilistic path planning

 Eyal Ben-Ner (97-98)
Quantitative analysis of dendrite architecture of identified neurons

 Asi Ben-Shach and Ari Hoze (98-99)
A heuristic for computing short paths on terrains (co-supervisor: Helman Stern)

 Anna Burd and Eran Omri (98-99)
Chen and Klenk's algorithm for computing short L_1 paths in the presence of rectangular obstacles

 Ariel Ein-Mor and Shiri Latner (summer, 2000)
3D reconstruction of dendrites (co-supervisor: Klara Kedem)

 Yuval Nir (summer, 2001)
Visibility preserving terrain simplification (co-supervisor: Boaz Ben-Moshe)

 Amir Glatt (summer, 2001)
A comparison of terrain simplification algorithms (co-supervisor: Boaz Ben-Moshe)