Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Department of Mathematics

P.O.B. 653, Be'er-Sheva 84105, ISRAEL

Menachem Kojman's Homepage


Papers in dvi, ps and pdf.

Slides of

  • Set theoretic problems resulting from convexity, Fields Institute, September 2002. pdf, ps.
  • On the role of infinite cardinals , Logic Colloquium 2003, Helsinki, August 2003. pdf.
  • Almost isometric embeddings of metric spaces in the set-theoretic lensAMS-ASL meeting, Phoenix, 2004. pdf (b/w), ps (color)
  • Extensions of Ramsey's theorem, RIMS workshop, Kyoto 2008. pdf I, pdf II, pdf III and ALC Kobe 2008.
  • Bounds on coloring numbers. Mengenlehre, Oberwolfach 2010. pdf


    Pcf theory and its applications, Spring 2021