PathLP 1.4


PathLP (a path oriented logic programming language) is a new programming language being developed at the Computer Science Department of Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, and the Computer Science Department of Stony Brook University, NY, USA.

PathLP is a logic programming language of guarded path expressions. It has constructs for object path expressions, type path expressions, cardinality constraints, and membership and subset formulas. This language is being developed as a foundational layer for the F-logic based object modeling language F-OML (an overview: In OCL and Textual Modeling workshop, MoDELS 2010; paper: In MoDELS 2011) but is also interesting in its own right. F-OML is intended as an expressive, executable formal basis for model-level IDEs. It supports a wide variety of model-level activities, such as imposing constraints on UML diagrams, defining design patterns, reasoning about UML diagrams, testing UML diagrams, specification of Domain Specific Modeling Languages, and meta-modeling. An extension of F-OML to support Object-State is planned. F-OML is part of our general modelling activities.

PathLP implementation is written in XSB, a tabling based logic programming engine. PathLP is smoothly integrated with XSB and supports most of its features. It supports dynamic modules from the version 1.2.

The PathLP project is kindly hosted by SourceForge.

The version 1.4 supposed to be the last one before 2.0 we build now.

  • Version 1.4 - 14.03.2012
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