PathLP - project

PathLP is a graduation project for the B.Sc. degree in Computer Science Department, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Description: An inclusive implementation of the PathLP programming language.

Implementer: Igal Khitron.

Advisors: Professor Mira Balaban; Professor Michael Kifer, Computer Science Department of Stony Brook University, New York, USA.

Project start date: February 20, 2011.

Project final date: October, 2011.

Project files:

  1. module.P - The main Prolog code.
  2. - The Linux or Unix invocation script.
  3. pathlp.bat - The Windows or Dos invocation script.
  4. pathlp - The Linux or Unix symbolic link to
  5. pathlp.lnk - The Windows shortcut to pathlp.bat.
  6. tutorial.pdf - The user tutorial.
  7. tutorial.docx - The user tutorial in Word format.
  8. main.lpb - The first part of each compilation resulting file.
  9. readme.txt - The file which is printed on help request.
  10. rlwrap.txt - The rlwrap Linux or Unix autocompletion file for command line history.
  11. index.html - The main site of the project on SourceForge.
  12. pathlp.png - The Linux or Unix icon file.
  13. pathlp.ico - The Windows icon file.
  14. pathlp-install.xml - The Linux new Mime type installation file.
  15. pathlp.xml - The Linux KDE highlighting file.
  16. katetest.ppl - The PathLP with example for highlighting.
  17. katetest.pdf - The same file in Portable Format.
  18. pathlp.tar.gz - The project as is proposed for downloading in SourceForge.
  19. presentation.pptx - The project grading presentation.
  20. index.html - This site.
  21. project.tar.gz - This site copy.