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This is the Introduction to Computer Science course website. Make yourself familiar with its structure, since you will visit it often. On the left you will find links to the site's pages.
  • Syllabus contains the rules of this course, covering course material, grading policy and academic integrity. Read it carefully.
  • Announcements contains messages from the course's staff. Please read it on a daily basis. You can subscribe using an RSS reader, such as Blogtrottr or Feedly.
  • Course info provides course information, such as class times and office hours. This page is frequently updated. Please check for updates before going to office hours.
  • Assignments & Quizzes is an aggregation of both assignment-specific subpages and online quizzes (targilonim). It may also include FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages with RSS feed, like the main announcements page.
  • Class material contains partial lectures notes (mainly java code presented during lectures) for you to review after class.
  • Practical sessions (Tirgulim) contains the main points discussed in practical sessions along with the relevant Java code. You may print it before class.
  • Tigburim contains the time and place of the Tigburim sessions hours.
  • Previous exams contains exams from previous years.
  • Exams contains the current semester exams information.
  • Useful links contains useful links (such as Java downloads, java API, public labs location, etc.).
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  • Login links are used to login to the site, which is required for doing online quizzes.

The Wiki framework on which it (and many other course sites in the department) is built was developed by Yanik Gleyzer.